Fabien Seguin  photographie


Black Matter

is a series of 14 photogravures attempting to represent the eerie and mystical dimension of forest landscape.

A continuation of the photographic exploration of vegetation I started with Under the Leaves (2009-2012), Black Matter originated from two ancient Greek terms, “chaos” and “chasma”, both meaning “opening” or “abyss”. The term “chaos” evolved to the point of characterizing today a situation of confusion and total disorder. It is with these two words in mind that I started to think about a new project on vegetation and that the idea of creating images where a black door would be superimposed on the chaos and confusion of forest vegetation came up.

Shot in different woods in south of France and Germany, the images were reworked through photogravure techniques so as to create a black zone surrounded by a luminous halo. This apparition can be interpreted as a door to another dimension, a black void swallowing the landscape or the pupil of an eye.

By its use of varied light processes and manipulations, the work plays with the indexical nature of photography and with our notion of reality. It touches themes such as complexity and unity, life and death, time and cosmos. It ultimately converges with the questions that haunt the rest of my work, such as human finitude and perception, eternity, the infinite and the imperceptible.

14 photogravure prints on Rives BFK 250g paper, 15×20.5"
Edition of 7