Fabien Seguin  photographie



is an attempt to photograph the farthest reaches of space without actually going there. Space imagery is ever more present in our lives, whether coming from Mars, Saturn, Titan or faraway nebulas. Mankind is now in the phase of exploring and mapping its own solar system, as it was once doing with earth. We are creatures bound to continually push the limits of our understanding. Curiosity is our engine. Confines resorts to the methods, materials and indexical value of photography to represent what could be a journey to the fringes of the universe. The series combines contact prints of 4x5 negatives where the camera hovers over unknown planets, gas clouds and star clusters, and fuzzy images where negatives have been printed beyond their normal capacity. The contact prints contain an abundance of details and concentrate their information in a closed and limited space, as if we were gazing to space through the window of a ship. The 16x20” monochrome enlargements, on the other hand, break up the image and reveal the fractional elements it is made of, mimicking a universe seething with particles and matter.

8x10" contact C-prints
16x20" C-prints